What is yellowfaucet.com?

What is yellowfaucet.com?

Along with other alt coins you have faucets but the most popular faucets out there are the Bitcoin faucets because as you may know the value of Bitcoin is just forever rising, it’s just rising and in a rapid increase. So to get some of these are what we call Satoshi which is the units of Bitcoin. The value is only going up in the future. I started collecting back in 2014 and I wish I hadn’t collected more because at the time you were given more Satoshi which equaled Bitcoin and right now that value would be 10,000 almost $11,000 for one Bitcoin.

This cryptocurrency faucet operates on the principle of giving you free Bitcoin or free Satoshi. Most Bitcoin faucets offer free cryptocurrency this is by way of advertising on their sides and they give you a little small portion of it for you. Since you’re on the site you will click and click on the ads and that’s how to get the revenue. But, you don’t have to do it now.  There’s a popular one that’s been around for a while and very trustworthy one but Bitcoin faucets and cryptocurrency can be there one day and dissipated the next week.

The reason why I show people Bitcoin faucets or cryptocurrency faucets is because there’s a very low risk about it. The only thing you will lose is time and if you are going to invest in one I wouldn’t suggest putting any money into any type of faucet that promises you more returns.

In order to start you need to have what is called a wallet to store any cryptocurrency, it has what you call an address for whatever Bitcoin that may be.  The more popular places to get crypto or to get a wallet is at coinbase. There are other exchanges or wallets that are out there.

Zabu the exodus wallet the blockchain. But the most popular one is the coinbase. Anyway, you need a wallet because this is where you deposit your coin so you can store them as with the case with free Bitcoin. You can keep them on the site. In order to use them, you need to have a wallet because that’s the way you exchange in the way you move Bitcoin. about on a blog chaining with

merchants and among other Bitcoin sites that use Bitcoin.

I’ve heard so far in total interests just sitting there you also have a lottery each time you make a claim you win some lottery tickets in it puts you in a chance when it’s big. There’s also rewards and free points where you can claim some of your reward points for prizes for merchandise like iPhone 7. You earn these rewards each time you claim Satoshi and you also can increase your earnings here at yellowfaucet.com through referrals and to those referrals you win 50% and that 50% you also win 0.25 percent of any wager that’s on.

First of all, you would have to register and it’s just basically email address password and that’s also the way to do FA verifications process they use. I would recommend that it keeps your account more secure.

UPDATE: this faucet is discontinued but there are sites out there like ecoin4dummies that maintain a list of all the active cryptocurrency faucets